A Letter to the Birthparents...


As you are faced with many difficult decisions at this time, we pray that you will feel inspired to know what is best for you and your baby, and that whatever decision you make, you will feel comfort and peace. We are grateful you are possibly considering adoption & invite you to get to know us a little- for you may be the answer to our many prayers, & we could possibly be the answer to yours.

Our story began with a choir concert in 2005.  Eric was walking through the auditorium when he spotted the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, Brenley.  After he picked up his jaw from the floor he went to work to find out who this amazing girl was & set up a date with her.  This date started the most exciting & enjoyable relationship of our lives.  We talked, sang, laughed, & flirted like there was no tomorrow.  In Feb 2007, Eric left on a mission to Mexico & Brenley wrote him throughout the 2 years. After Eric returned home, the relationship went from the spark it had always been to a full-blown bonfire.  Everything clicked & we realized we were already in love. On Nov 20, 2009, we sealed the deal in the Mesa Arizona Temple.
Our relationship works so well because we are perfect compliments to each other, with just enough in common to draw us to each other.  Eric is emotional, romantic, & a dreamer.  Brenley is real, genuine, & a lover of every moment of life. We enjoy camping, traveling, big family gatherings, snuggling, going to the movies, & just being with each other. Our foundation is our faith in Christ & our love of those around us.

About Eric (by Brenley)
When I met Eric for the first time, it felt as if I had known him my whole life & I knew instantly I wanted to marry him. It sounds cliché, but it’s true- & I still have a huge crush on him! Eric is just awesome! Besides being incredibly good-looking, there are so many things I love about him. He is so much fun to be around- he’ll roll the windows down, blast the music, & sing at the top of his lungs with me while we road trip. He has a gift of making people feel so important & loved. He enjoys listening to & helping people & finds joy in making others happy. Many people come to him for advice & a listening ear.
Eric is very ambitious & has a love for history & learning new things. He is thoughtful & a romantic. He wanted to think of something special to do for our first anniversary that he could continue each year (like how my dad gives my mom one rose for every year of marriage), & I was amazed & touched by what he came up with! Eric decided to give me one of the new quarters that has a state on the back each year on our anniversary, and we’d travel there before our next anniversary. He also gave me a scrapbook so that we can scrapbook a page for each state visited & by our 50th anniversary, we will have traveled to every state & have a scrapbook of memories for our children & grandchildren to see. So far we’ve been to Hawaii, New York, and Virginia.
One of the other things that attracted me to Eric right away was the relationship he has with his nieces and nephews. (Any child coming to our home will have no shortage of cousins/aunts/uncles to love them!) They absolutely adore him & no matter where we go, they scream his name when they see him walk in. There literally has never been a time this hasn’t happened! He loves them so much & is so good with them. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that he will be such an incredible father! I am so happy and so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man!

About Brenley (by Eric)
Brenley is awesome.  There are so many adjectives that come to mind when I try & describe her but that is one of my favorites, she is just plain awesome. She is so genuine & comfortable in her own skin.  That is one of the things that attracted me to her when I first met her.  In the world today so many people are trying to conform to fit into society’s mold.  Brenley is the perfect antidote to that, she knows who she is & what she believes in.
She sincerely cares about the people around her & continually shows interest in the hundreds of people that she knows. When we started dating I was shocked by the fact that almost everywhere we went she would run in to someone & say “Eric, this is my friend so & so”- it still happens to this day.  This is because she takes a genuine interest in the people she meets & makes conscious efforts to stay in touch.  Her personality is like a people magnet; people are just drawn to her. She is full of smiles & laughs & puts people at ease right away.  Brenley is also incredibly smart; she picks up new things quickly & with little effort.  Finally, she has the ability to deal with serious situations very effectively, whether that be life’s challenges or relationship struggles, her love & calmness resolve these kinds of things very quickly.  She is someone who never ceases to amaze me, & all of these things are just some of the reasons why I am head over heals in love with her.

Adoption is something both of us have always been open to and even something we discussed in the plan for our family before we knew we’d have trouble getting pregnant. Our home is filled with love, & our hearts are open & ready. We would love to provide a loving & stable home for your child, if you feel that adoption is right for you & your precious baby. We would like to have an open adoption & want to work with the birth parents on the level of openness that works for everyone involved. We plan on making sure our children know where they came from, the sacrifice made for them, & the incredible love their birth family has for them.
If you are interested at all in getting to know us more or have any questions, we would love the chance to get to know you & answer any questions you have. We appreciate you taking the time to read our letter & we pray you will be guided to the choice that will be the best for both you & your baby- if we are part of that choice, we want you to know we love you already!

Eric & Brenley

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