Things I like:
-Dancing and Choreographing
-Dippin' Dots
-Hanging out with my sisters/sister-in-laws
-The card game Phase 10
-Having my hair brushed

10 Random Facts About Me:
1) I am the middle of 5 daughters

2) My hair color/cut changes frequently, so I look different in every picture I'm in.
(Currently it is long and blonde.)

3) I would like to be a midwife.

4) I twirled fire batons in high school.

5) I have a thing with numbers. I have a lot of numbers memorized.
(both mine and Eric's SSN, Drivers license numbers, our bank accounts and routing numbers, all of our credit/debit card numbers, many people's phone numbers, etc. The list is long- its almost creepy.)

6) I could eat chips and salsa for every meal.

7) When I'm alone in the car, I listen to my music reallllllly loud.

8) My family occasionally has Star Wars Marathons.

9) One of my older sisters was born on Halloween and convinced me when I was little that she was a witch and I was her black cat. Each full moon we'd "fly on her broomstick" to the witches meeting. I believed her for a really long time.

10) When I was younger, I would often put pillows and other objects under my shirt and pretend I was pregnant. (This may or may not have continued in my teenage and early adult years.) We also have home videos in which I am carrying around dolls, rocking them, and acting like a little mom. I've wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. 

When asked to describe me in one or two words, my family and friends said I am:
-Family Oriented
-Loves unconditionally

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  1. I couldn't be more happy for anyone in the whole world right now. I love you and wish you guys the best!! You always make me cry but in the good way! You're such an inspiration <3