Friday, July 12, 2013


There are SO many papers to fill out in order to be able to adopt! Goodness gracious!

We have been working hard to get certified as soon as possible because we are ready to be available for an adoption to take place at any time, so that means filling out paper after paper, question after question until I can no longer see straight!

But it is so exciting!

It is interesting to have to answer questions about our marriage, how we feel about discipline, how we were disciplined by our parents, how tall our siblings are, goals we have, hobbies and interests, our own strengths and weaknesses, what our house looks like, and any other question you can think of. We have to tell about our parents and siblings and experiences in our lives that could be applicable to adoption. There about 30(ish) legal type documents to print out and fill out as well as online questionnaires we've had to do. (Pretty deep and in-depth!)


BUT! I finished (hopefully) all of the documents we needed to turn in and took them to the agency yesterday! And we finished nearly all of the online questions. :)

So here's basically what we have left to do:
*10 hours each of online adoption trainings
*Physicals for everyone in the house and a paper filled out from the Dr. that the office sends to the agency.
*Infertility report from our Dr. that he fills out and sends to the agency
*Fingerprinting done for everyone in the house (seriously. If you don't know already- we live with a lot of people!) which get sent to the court and they process.
*FIVE personal reference letters which get filled out and each one mails it back to the office (These are in the works, just waiting on the agency to actually send out the letters so they can get done.)
*Home Study!! (This includes a home safety visit as well as interviews for everyone that lives in the house and a 20+ page document we will out)
*Waitingggggggg. We have to have the reference letters sent in before they'll send stuff to the court to begin processing. (They said once they get the letters and send this certain paper to the court, we should expect to wait 6-8weeks to be certified. Blah.)

So basically the things we have left to do are out of our control and in someone else's court (Like what I did there?! ;)) and we just wait and hope/pray they aren't slow-pokey and can hurry things along for us!

We are feeling so excited and have received so much love and support from family, friends, and strangers alike! Thank you, thank you!

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Beginning

After years of struggling with infertility, multiple failed fertility treatments, and much prayer regarding parenthood, we have decided to start our journey to adopt! We are very excited about this new adventure and are ready to get started. This blog is to help potential birth parents get to know us, as well as document our experiences and happenings surrounding our adoption process.

Feel free to pass along our blog and information to anyone you know- for the more people we reach, the closer we will come to adding to our forever family!